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Tell Aray is a large tell complex located in the north-east of the Rouj basin. It is situated on the extreme tip of a fan along the western flank of Jabal Zawiye and just beside the old Lake Rouj. It consists of three artificial mounds: Tell Aray 1, Tell Aray 2 and Tell Aray 3. As the result of systematic surface collection, it became clear that Tell Aray 1 had thick cultural deposits from the Pottery Neolithic to Byzantine periods. On the other hand, pottry sherds found on the surface of Tell Aray 2 and 3 were restricted to those from the Pottery Neolithic period. Therefore, we carried out sounding excavations at Tell Aray 2 for establishing a detailed chronology of the Pottery Neolithic period, and at Tell Aray 1 for later periods.

Excavations at Tell Aray 2 in 1990

Excavations at Tell Aray 1 in 1991-1992

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