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Tell el-Kerkh is a large tell complex located in the southern part of the Rouj Basin, west of Idlib (map). The tell complex consists of three mounds: Tell el-Kerkh 1, Tell el-Kerkh 2 and Tell Ain el-Kerkh, extending over 30ha, and the Neolithic materials are distributed in an area of around 20ha. The tell complex can be clearly seen from the road between Jisr esh-Shughour and Ariha, and it occupies an important traffic position from north, south, east and west.

We executed the intensive general surveys of the Rouj Basin in 1990-1992, and our results indicated that there had been a hierarchical settlement systems in the basin during the Neolithic period. It is supposed that Tell el-Kerkh was one of the central settlements for this system in the periods especially from the late PPNB and the early Pottery Neolithic.

Sounding excavations were conducted at Tell el-Kerkh 2 in 1992, and further excavations began at Tell Ain el-Kerkh in 1997 and still on going. The evidence from these investigations indicates the existence of craft specialization, long distance trade and the systematic administrations of goods. It is becoming clear that the Neolithic settlements at Tell el-Kerkh not only covered a vast spatial expanse but also possessed a highly complex socio-economic system.

Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh 2 in 1992

Excavations at Tell Ain el-Kerkh in 1997-1999

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