Research in History

Research in Anthropology

Social memories inscribed in
historical records

The past embedded in material culture

Material culture that
tells us about our society


through time

unfolds to us

History and Anthropology
University of Tsukuba

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Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Humanities,
University of Tsukuba


1 May 2024

Information on the 2025 Entrance Examination (for students entering in April 2025) is now available.

The Subprogram in History and Anthropology in the graduate schools of the University of Tsukuba* provides master’s and doctoral degree programs, consisting of six majors: Japanese History, Oriental History, Occidental History, Historical Geography, Prehistory/Archaeology and Folklore/Cultural Anthropology with about twenty faculty members.

Graduate students will select one of the above majors and receive in-depth education and training in a specialized study area, as well as develop their wider range of interests in other related subjects. In addition to completing their coursework, students are encouraged to write academic papers and have conference presentations, and will be promoted, through the completion of master’s and doctoral dissertations, to versatile researchers, educators, or highly-skilled professionals, who are creative and flexible enough to cope with academic and social demands.